Arid Lands Environment Centre

Over the past decade, Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) has worked tirelessly to become a regional leader in developing and delivering sustainability initiatives in Central Australia. This could not have been achieved without the actions of dedicated staff and tireless community volunteers.

Arid Lands Environment Centre is a founding consortium member of both Alice Solar City and Alice Water Smart. It has developed community food and education networks across a wide-range of partner organisations and groups and continues to advocate strongly for a nuclear-free, renewable energy future.

Our strength is its ability to deliver sustainability programs while continually working to inspire and influence ecologically-sustainable policy.  

ALEC is represented on a host of government committees, stakeholder reference groups and expert panels, while maintaining a holistic, community-based approach to environmental protection and sustainability in the arid zone. 

ALEC continues to be responsive to the environmental concerns and objectives of its membership and that of local community members.

Arid Lands Environment Centre organises many community events, workshops and seminars and proactivey lobbies local, state and national governments on environmental and sustainability initiatives. ALEC also helps disemminate pertinent environmental and sustainability information to its members and the local community through regular updates, publications and social media sites.

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