Geelong Organic Gardeners Inc

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Geelong Organic Gardeners are a group of friendly and diverse people who love nature and gardening. Established in 1978, Geelong Organic Gardeners has been supporting local gardeners in the Geelong area to help each other in gardening or simply sharing knowledge about gardening in terms of technique, procedure and everything related to gardening. We are focusing on edibles and productive food-producing plants and techniques.

With Geelong Organic Gardeners, we are not just Facebook community groups. We have meetings with guest speakers, a library for members, sales table and seed bank to share and discuss more about gardening, getting to know each other and purchase our organically grown products. Moreover, we also conduct several field trips for gardening workshops, such as fermentation, cider making, and many more. We are a very supportive community with each other and also to the nature itself.  

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