Simple Succers

Simple Succers’ journey started in 2018 by two Sydney mothers, named Danielle and Lyndal. Our missions are to share awareness about the advantages of plants, while connecting people back to nature. With the current digital era, people are busy with their devices. Our homes is filled by TV, iPad, laptop, phones, and other electronic devices, and we are addicted to them. We are here to balance your life between technology usage and nature life. We sell and deliver little plants that suit for your home and we will help you taking care of it.

There are no many people aware the advantages of having plants at home. Clean Air Study by NASA Research pointed out that plants at home can remove air toxins by 87% in 24 hours. This means the improvement of air quality by 25% can be done by planting 1 plant only. Imagine having your own indoor jungle, your home will be very fresh. It will also gives you calm space to reduce stress.

So, what are you waiting for? Start small from your house, before fully helping the earth with climate change.

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