The Green Life Soil Co.

The Green Life Soil Co. has been making customised soils mixes for particular plants and needs based on consumer’s request. Our company motto stays with “delivering a greener garden”. We are committed to the best soil mixers and other gardening media to help you create your own greener garden. We also provide you with some Perth gardening guides and resources for free to help you achieve an excellent garden.

We know exactly what we use for our products and we do not use biowaste or sewage sludge. Several soil mixes of ours have been certified with Organic Certification by NASAA and we received numerous awards for Western Australian businesses. As the first producer of Certified Organic soil mixes, we continue to grow our organic product range that includes growing media, soil improvers, amendment and fertilisers. We have done an ongoing research for our products to give you the best growing media for your plant and garden.

 We know best the challenges for gardening in Perth about its soil. Therefore, we are here to help you. Simply check our guidelines, purchase our soils mixers or contact us if you have any further questions.

The Green Life Soil Co. Products

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