Vertical Grow Systems

Specialising in outdoor vertical gardens and wall garden solutions for balconies and urban areas.   We stand for self sustainability among city folks!

Unlike other vertical gardens, our systems are made of natural material (giant bamboo) and look beautiful during any stage of plant growth.  

35 plant self watering systems start from only $109.00!!  Our systems represent incredible value and utilize sustainable eco friendly materials. 

The Hydroponic Systems features:

75% less water consumption than garden beds
No soil born fungus, plant disease and pests
Space saving & highest yield per square meter
Specialised oxyginated water flow  
No dirt, digging, weeding or daily watering!
Premium 3 part hydro nutrient solution included
Simple to set-up and maintain
Tried and tested hydroponic methodology
Dedicated support and grow guides
60 day money back gaurantee
Suitable for micro business food production

Vertical Grow Systems Products

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