Do you want to grow your own food but don't have the space?

We make it easy for you to grow your own fresh tasty food regardless of where you live, even in the smallest of spaces.

Our vertical gardens are designed by experienced professionals - landscape architects, permaculture designers, environmental educators - who have been growing food organically in urban areas for over 20 years.  We guarantee your plants will grow to give you a successful harvest, year after year.

And if you think you have brown thumbs, we're here to give you the best organic gardening tips and tricks to ensure your garden is abundant, healthy and productive.

Vgarden products look great, are built to last, cost effective and versatile.

Vgarden is the smart choice for architects and developers looking to create that "Wow!" factor and provide clients with a quality inclusion that adds value to a project.  We make it easy for you by providing technical detail, CAD files and friendly accessible support.

Vgarden- the versatile vertical garden design for verdant urban spaces.

Vgarden Products

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