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All Eco - an eco store with attitude.

Your body can be cared for in an environmentally sustainable way, using natural and certified organic ingredients.

Try the Miessence range - Australia's first and most complete range of certified organic skin care products.

The range includes

• organic shampoo

• hair care products

• aluminium-free deodorants

• toothpastes

• mineral face masks

• shaving balm

• organic cleansers

• skin conditioners and moisturisers

• treatment gels

• body wash and powder

Miessence products DO NOT CONTAIN sodium laurel sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, colours or preservatives, parabens or any synthetic chemicals.

This is nature at its best, delivering 100% beneficial botanical extracts, essences and cold-pressed bio-active plant oils.

Get crafty with certified organic knitting yarns, recycled silk fibres and recycled sari silk knitting yarns. The cotton yarns are grown in shades of brown and green, native to Peru.

Our cotton is naturally grow in soft browns and greens, which can be hotwashed or boiled to intensify their colour.

The extra bonus is that they are certified organic (no pesticides, fertilisers or formaldehyde).

There are also products for quilters, including super soft organic cotton wadding.

Swaddle your baby in certified organic cotton baby clothes, or a homespun and hand-knitted original beanie.

Try the certified organic bunny rugs and cot sheets.

Try our hemp clothing and accessories, and let your skin breathe naturally.

Surround yourself with certified organic fabrics, bath towels, throws and sheeting, for a cleaner and greener home environment.

We also have certified organic “colour grown” cotton blankets - a first for Australia.

Treat your body, or a special friend, with certified organic products. Natural bristle brushes, combined with body butters or hand-made soaps, also make great gifts.

All natural, all organic, all eco!

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