Bondi Wheatgrass Juice Company

BONDI WHEATGRASS grow and supply the finest and most nutritious organic wheatgrass available.

We believe wheatgrass provides the materials that are essential for the holistic evolution of the body and mind - after all, we are what we eat. We introduced wheatgrass to Sydney ten years ago and we continue to supply cafes, juice bars and individuals with trays of fresh organic wheatgrass.

We now also offer a great range of other wheatgrass related products that are designed to promote optimum health and enhance mind and body function. We are a small company with a clear understanding of the benefits of producing a nutritious environmentally friendly product, which is grown by hand, free of chemicals or additives and is of great benefit to the community.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, 'The Greatest Service to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture," (Wigmore A., 'The Wheatgrass Book', Avery Publishing, USA, 1985, p.1).

Electric and Manual Juicers We supply many different models of 'slow moving' electric and manual juicers that will juice wheatgrass and other fruits and vegetables without damaging nutrients or destroying enzymes.

All the juicers have generous warranties and spare parts readily available. The operation of the juicer is similar to a cold press method and will provide up to 60 per cent more nutrients compared with a centrifugal type juicer.

Because the enzymes are not destroyed in the juicing process, these live enzymes aid in the proper digestion of food and enhance the function of all organs and processes that occur within the body.

The juicers also have attachments to make nut butters, frozen fruit ice cream and pasta and noodles. Growers Kits We supply everything needed to grow your own trays of grass at home ready to harvest and juice.

Starter Kits and professional Growers Kits are available. If you are really serious about eating 'living food', then growing your own is the way to go, as the cost in time and money is minimal compared with the great benefit you will experience. Be your own physician and heal yourself!

Fresh Trays of Wheatgrass We supply trays of living wheatgrass of harvested half kilo bags. All our wheatgrass is hand grown with certified organic seed and soil and the water used is filtered through a 'Grander Water System’:

The grass is harvested at sun-up and delivered the same day for ultimate freshness.

Our Wheatgrass is either delivered or couriered throughout New South Wales and we supply retail outlets as well as private customers.

Wheatgrass Skin Repair & Treatment Cream & Spray DERMAWHEAT cream and spray topicals are unique natural applications formulated to improve the quality of your skin.

They contain an effective combination of chlorophyll, anti oxidants, vitamins and amino acids, to enhance health and function of skin cells to assist skin recovery.

These products have been developed by the Dr Wheatgrass Group in Melbourne, headed by Dr Chris Reynolds. He has been using the cream and spray in his practice for the past 9 years and has impressive clinical studies to show the efficacy of this product.

DERMAWHEAT is particularly good for the treatment of Molluscum and Anal Fissure.

Dr Wheatgrass Super Shots This tasty, longlife wheatgrass in a bottle has all the benefits of the fresh grass but is much more convenient to use.

The bottle contains enough wheatgrass for a shot a day for a month and will provide you with energy, immunity and wellbeing.

Multipurpose Wheatgrass Displays BONDI WHEATGRASS can supply trays of grass for beautiful, unique displays for your next function or event. Over the past ten years we have provided fresh trays of grass for many special occasions such as:the centre-pieces for the dining areas in the athletes’ halls at the Sydney Olympic Games; a wheatgrass walkway for Fashion Week; a permanent display for the Hilton Hotel Glass restaurant (pictured); restaurant openings; table decorations for gala dinners and weddings; theatre performances; many different and large displays and settings for Melbourne cup festivities, Football functions and more. Ideal for:

1) Shop Displays

2) Weddings

3) Corporate Events

4) Product Launches

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