Natural Born Pty Ltd

Natural Skincare for the whole family

We at Natural Born, take great care to keep our products as natural as possible. Under some other organic and natural labels, one can find ingredients like parabens used as preservatives, and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) used as a strong, harsh detergent in shampoos and toothpaste.

This is a foaming agent which makes big bubbles and that is why it is used so commonly but it also has the bad reputation of being carcinogenic.

Oils need no preservatives, whereas creams do, because they are an emulsion of water and oil. Benzoin tincture and benzyl alcohol (low dosage less than 1%) are used as preservatives in our cosmetic formulations. These 2 offer a mild, non paraben, broad spectrum, antimicrobial preservation.

Our natural beauty products like Milk Wash, Face Scrub, Body Scrub and Bath Salts have no preservatives at all, nor do our Body and Face Oils.

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