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ime natural perfumes are a fun series of 9 eau de parfum, each designed to inspire a different mood.

Based on the nine Muses of Greek Mythology, each scent has been uniquely blended with 100% botanical ingredients designed to encompass the essence of each muse. Be naturally inspired to experience life a little different each day. Choose your muse™

The scents:

1 kalliope [driven] - Herbal. Spicy. Earthy
2 erato [naughty] - Woody. Oriental. Floral
3 euterpe [cool] - Fresh. Green
4 thaleia [flirty] - Fresh. Citrus
5 terpsichore [expressive]  - Fresh. Aquatic
6 melpomene [beautiful] - Oriental.
7 ourania [intuitive] - Oriental. Floral. Musk
8 polyhymnia [enlightened] - Floral. Green.
9 kleio [elegant] - Floral. Oriental. Soft Wood.

Industry Standards:

ime natural perfume ingredients have been assessed and comply with Australian cosmetic regulations according to NICNAS & IFRA standards. 

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