Holistic Health Guide

Natural Health Australia welcome's you to Holistic Health Guide.  Holistic Health is based on the Sunshine Coast, we are a Natural Health/Natural Therapy guide for the whole of Australia.


Holistic Health Guide offers modality descriptions for over 50 Holistic Natural Health Therapies. Our Natural Therapy descriptions will allow you to make the perfect decision as to what holistic therapy would best suit your condition. We have described what is involved with each therapy and the illnesses that they are of most benefit to.


Holistic Natural Health Therapies are Healing Practices that work with the body’s own innate healing ability. All Holistic Therapies consider the body as a whole – body, mind and spirit, where as conventional medicine focuses solely on the physical symptoms that have manifested. The problem is that these physical symptoms have started in the energetic body, so while the symptoms can be treated with conventional medicine, they are likely to re-appear again at a later time as the actual cause has not been dealt with. Therefore, Holistic Natural Health Therapies can be the catalyst to profound and complete healings by working with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as a whole.

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