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glo distributes beautiful Fairtrade and Organic certified cotton bed linens, bath towels, blankets, robes and baby clothing in Australia, Canada and USA. 

Green Living Organics (glo) began in Canada in 2005 with the simple concept of “do well by doing good”. With glo, you have the assurance that our bed, bath and baby products have been made in ways that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

The benefits of organic farming and fair trade practices can generate a significant benefit to us, the farmers, their communities and our environment. glo is focused on cotton, pure organic and fairly traded cotton. glo cotton is grown by family farmers in co-operatives that are Fairtrade Certified and Certified Organic.

 Our products are especially great for those who want to enjoy their home while lowering their impact as well as those who may chemical sensitivities or allergies to conventional cotton products. For more details contact us or visit our website.

Green Living Organics - glo Products

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