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Reydo was founded in 2009. The boss of Reydo used to work in a large trading company, who has 11 years of purchasing experience and rich product knowledge, and is responsible for purchasing environmentally friendly products that are particularly well understood. He was the first, who developed a set of solid wood staplers and hole punches. The first step of the photo is always the most difficult. With firm belief and hard work, our company builds a solid foundation for future development. Today, we have developed the first set of bamboo staplers and rulers of bamboo calculators for the first time in the world. Reydo's success comes from the owner's unique product design ideas, and his best team is profitable. Each member of the production team pursues high-quality products and the sales team always provides more than expected. Although Reydo is not a large-scale company, we have an excellent team, a warm office and a complete production line. The stapler of this professional manufacturer covers an area of 6,600 square meters. Photos We provide products and services that exceed customer expectations. The photos have been supported by our customers for so many years, and we have to thank our team for giving us high-quality products and services. You make Reydo more successful!

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