Biodegradable Disposble Tableware Co

Biodegradable Disposble Tableware Products:
Pulp Molding Plate
Pulp Molding Bowl
Pulp Molding Tray
Pulp Molding Food Box
Pulp Molding Cup
PE Coated Paper Cup
PE Coated Paper Bowl
PE Coated Paper Plate
PE Coated Paper Bucket

Our material is all from natural materials plant fiber and food-grade PE paper that usually break down when they are properly disposed. They are all renewable and recycled resources, making products healthy for human body, food and environment.
1.Eco-friendly, nontoxic, harmless, sanitary and healthy.
2.Stable and strong enough to resist 120 Degrees Celsius oil and 100 Degrees Celsius water resistant, neither deforming nor leaking.
3.Suitable for microwave, oven and refrigerator.
4.Can be recycled to make paper and protect the resource.
5.Biodegrades in the earth and become organic fertilizer, come back to the nature in the form of CO2 and H2O.
6.FDA,SGS,OK Compost certificate for food use.

Biodegradable Disposble Tableware Co Products

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