Australian Innovators in Plastics Reln is a quality endorsed Australian company with worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Reln is renowned for designing and producing innovative, quality injection moulded plastic products here and overseas. Widely acclaimed in industry and environmental forums, Reln manufactures its own diverse lines of domestic and industrial products for uses such as Surface Water Drainage, sewerage, septic tanks, agriculture, aquaculture and gardening along with inventive products such as the Can O Worms composting system.

A multi award winning manufacturer, Reln also provides design, product and project management for leading companies in the automotive, medical, packaging and agricultural industries. Environmental Responsibility Environmental responsibility has been one of the cornerstones of Reln’s development. Almost all of Reln’s proprietary line products are made from polypropylene or polyethylene.

Of all the polymers used by the plastics industry, polypropylene and polyethylene have the most viable second-life application and are the most easily sourced from the waste stream. Reln was one of the pioneers to use recycled plastic in Australia and is now one of the leading consumers. Unless required by a product’s unique specifications, Reln routinely uses recycled plastic in its products. Reln’s product development team emphasises environmentally responsible solutions to meet its corporate clients’ needs.

Reln’s contributions to waste-minimisation and recycling have gained significant recognition and numerous awards. Reln has developed strong corporate relationships with leading environmental organisations such as Landcare Australia, Keep Australia Beautiful, and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Government health departments and local governments. Garden / Environmental The environment and the use of recycled plastic in products, which allow the population to participate in the preservation of our world, has long been a key focus of Reln.


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