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View galleryDesigners of "action based incentives". Our range of Shower Timers helps to change behaviour patterns in the shower and reduce water consumption. Ripple Products was created to help everyone become more aware of the water that they use in the bathroom. Our product range was developed to help communicate this message. Our range of Shower Timers are used in educational campaigns nationally and internationally - where water conservation needs to be communicated. Our clients range from schools, government departments, environment agencies, corporate businesses and water authorities. The Shower Timer range includes sand timers and digital timers, both of which act as subtle alarm clocks for the bathroom. They come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your bathroom and your personality. We can package our products in gift packs: if you have a friend or family member who needs to change their habits, then they can be shared as a gift. We also brand items and package them specifically for clients and events. We, as a community, can make a difference. To make a difference is to make a ripple. If every person made an effort and created a small ripple, then a large ripple would surely follow.

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