good qualityComponents: This machine consists of frame, press part, driver part and heating part etc. In view of environmental protection and recycling, material feeding/collecting equipment can be replaced with drink bottle, which is prepared by buyer.

Assembly:Before operation please fix the frame and make sure crank can be turned freely. Lubricate washer with edible oil and insert on screw shaft from the small end.
Insert screw shaft in press cage. Screw on press cage cap and screw on terminal adjustment bolt. Attach crank arm to screw shaft and tighten the bolt. Fill 80% fuel to the lamp bottle (kerosene or alcohol). Pass a 15cm wick through the washer. Leave 0.5cm of wick outside and put the longer end in the fuel bottle. Place washer at the bottle mouth. Place the lamp under press cage. Secure the lamp with rubber band.

To guarantee the oil output, the press cage should be heated for about 10 minutes. when the press cage temperature reaches 50-70℃, material can be put into inlet for pressing. The lamp remains heating during pressing as well.


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