E-Waste & Metal Recycling

Need to destroy your old computer or any digital data? E-Waste and Metal Recycling is here to serve you! 

E- Waste and Metal Recycling is a Melbourne-based company that provides a wide range of e-waste recycling and disposal solutions. With the current digital era, people or companies have numbers of e-waste that might contain hazardous substances to our environment every day. Our mission is to ensure that any electronic waste can be sorted to recycle and reuse or disposal and destruction in ethical and sustainable way to keep save our environment.

Our services are separated into three parts: e-waste recycling, metal recycling and plastic recycling that are including audio/video/branded digital electronics products destruction, computer disposal, data destruction service, IT asset disposition service, old server disposal service and hard data destruction service. We ensure that any e-waste will be processed in a reliable way without harming anyone or even the environment by our highly experienced specialists.

You can request a collection service via our online request form, email or telephone and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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