Northwest Recycling Centre

Confuse on what to do with your green waste? Come to us and get it recycled!

The North-West Recycling Centre can help you to recycle green waste with 360 degree specialist recycling solutions to create high quality organic products, so your waste will be beneficial. Commercial gardeners, landscapers, local councils, horticulturalists, agriculturalists or anyone can participate in this program to organize their waste responsibly. 

Our mission is to serve our clients with better options to manage their waste and decrease their waste management costs. This will not only help the environment, but also your pocket. We also try a new sustainability program to assist Australian corporates and government agencies to decrease their carbon footprint and the amount of waste to landfill. 

Our services are mainly on green waste collection and recycling to produce high quality organic products. We are not only serving government agencies and large businesses, but we also welcome small companies and householders to deliver their green waste to our Collection Centre during business hours. Or, if you have a large amount of green waste, we will provide you with large bins (you can choose the size) and once you have filled it up, our team will come and pick it up at your chosen point and time. The recycling process will take 10-12 week to be converted into compost, organic soil conditioner and mulch products that later you can buy back.

Want to join us? Come to our centre here: 132 Burfitt Rd, Riverstone NWS 2765. We will serve you Monday to Friday at 7 am - 5 pm and Saturday at 8 am - 4pm.

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