As Australia’s first green demolisher ecodemolition operates primarily to maximise salvageable material and minimise waste to landfill. This is achieved through deliberate and delicate removal of all salvageable materials before razing the remains of the structure.


The ecodemolition process is as follows;
Step 1. Roof tiles removed & palletised and re-sold
Step 2. Ceiling timbers & beams removed and re-sold
Step 3. Bricks recovered and cleaned to be made available through ecobricks
Step 4. Timber and trusses separated and those elements not recyclable are mulched.
Step 5. Steel and metal recycled
Step 6. Concrete crushed and recycled
Step 7. Mature plants and other salvageable plants removed off site and transplanted for
Step 8. Levelling of shell with excavator
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