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Since 2009, Australian Solar Designs (ASD) has been established by a solar professional team to help the mission of Australia’s Clean Energy Future, which made it part of the National Solar Energy Group. We are specialising in solar installations for Australian small to large businesses, as well as the government, while helping them to reach cost effectiveness. We have been chosen by ACT Government and numbers of corporates as their preferences of suppliers. More than 4,000 Solar Photo Voltaic has been installed across Australia. In 2014, we were selected as the Exclusive Installer in Solar PV systems under the ACT Solar School Program to install our solar products to 22 schools in ACT. 

ASD Consultants will give knowledge about how solar power works and the benefits of using it to our customers. Then, we will give a full site assessment by our professional team and our consultants will give you several technology options to start the installation without upfront cost. We understand that every residential and businesses have different energy usage. That is why our consultants will help you to go through the options.

Contact us and start on your solar journey with us! Help the earth and save money.

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