Greenfield Energy

Searching ways to reduce your electricity bills? Greenfield Energy can help you!

A Cairns-based company, Greenfield Energy is a solar retailer that has been helping residential and businesses for solar installation to reduce their electricity bills, while giving back to earth, encourage them to use energy efficiently through our system. Operating in Cairns and Townsville, we have been accredited by Clean Energy Council for our contribution to the community. 

For more than 7 years operating, we have helped householders to develop their lifestyle into an eco-friendly way and saved thousands of dollars every year. We also helped large and small businesses reduce their electricity bills, which can be used to expand their businesses. We ensure to provide a tailored solar system that suits best your needs and pockets from our Energy Audit, installation and System Monitoring panel by panel to maintain your solar system and maximize its performance. Any issues and concerns can be raised to us anytime by simply contact us.

Start your eco-friendly lifestyle and save thousands of dollars from your electricity bills with us!

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