Photon Energy Solutions

Thinking of changing your energy system to solar? Photon Energy Solutions is ready to help you! 

Photon Energy Solutions is an Australia’s specialists of photovoltaic energy systems and storage solutions for both households and businesses. We have professional, accredited electricians and installers to provide you our best quality works. Our mission is to give the best quality solar system with low prices for supporting them, decreasing their electricity costs. We offer several financing options that suit best for your pockets and energy usage.  

We give you the best quality products that have fulfilled Australian and International quality and compliance standards. Our products also have gone through several testing in Australia’s harsh conditions. We are here to contribute in providing clean energy to save the environment while helping families and businesses save money. Our specializations are including Solar Hybrid Solutions, grid connected stand alone Solar PV and not limited to supply inverters and batteries and storage solutions. Photon Energy Solutions tailor each system individually for every household and businesses because we understand every home/office and every user has their own needs and requirements.

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