Sunny Bunny Solar Power Australia

At Sunny Bunny Solar Power, we specialise and provide best-in-the-business solar-powered products and services for all residential and commercial purposes. Our online retail store brings you energy-efficient solutions for everyday life, be it your home, garden, backyard, camping, travelling, sport, entertainment, or education. 

Select from over a range of 200 products powered by the sun available at reasonably low prices. Our range of solar lighting products includes solar outdoor decorative lights, string lights, lanterns, stake lights for lawn decor, and many more. Our line also includes solar sensor-activated emergency and security lights, wall lights, flood, and spotlights. 

Travellers can now rest easy with our assortment of portable solar battery chargers and mobile power banks to charge phones, tablets, cameras, GPS, and other electronics. We are passionate about sustainable energy and commit to offering the best prices, with free delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Sunny Bunny Solar Power Australia Products

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