Ajay Dubedi is Salesforce Expert. An accomplished Technical Architect, Consultant and Business Analyst with global consultancy experience; designing and implementing solutions for a range of clients. He have assisted and implemented solutions in industries comprising Banking, Health Care, Networking, Education, Telecommunication and Manufacturing.

Founded in the year 2015 we are a team of dedicated individual cloud professionals working on cloud technologies past 3 years in this field. With growing demands for cloud technologies around the world over past few years, we see ourselves as a highly motivated company working hard to excel the cloud computing market & become leading cloud tech solution provider to meet our clients demand across the globe.


Ajay is known to his colleagues by AJ. Being one of the several Salesforce experts trying to help the community,AJ has the exceptional understanding of Salesforce concepts and implementation experience of several salesforce projects. Having in depth knowledge of Java and PHP as well make him a multi-platform expert. The rest can be easily discovered if you have already worked with him.

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