Armidale Waldorf School

The Armidale Waldorf School is an established independent, co-educational school working to foster the educational impulses of Rudolf Steiner.

The school is incorporated as a non-profit company with limited liability, is funded by fees, as well as grants on a per capita basis from the State and Commonwealth Government.

We are a member of the Australian Independent Schools Association, is registered with the NSW Board of Studies, and is a member of the Rudolf Steiner Schools Association.

We strive to create a place of beauty to nurture the children, with our buildings designed from Steiner’s architectural indications surrounded by acres of native gardens.

A healthy indoor environment free from pollutants for the children and adults alike is a priority. We use quality art and craft supplies in lessons. Our furnishings are naturally beautiful, simple and practical.

The school values the natural environment and strives to operate at all times in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.

We clean with cloths and water alone in the majority of cases and where a cleaning product is required we use a researched product with the least harm to the cleaner and the environment.

We garden organically and biodynamically; compost all possible waste and reuse or recycle; mulch our gardens to reduce our water needs; harvest rain water for our drinking and garden needs; and manage our waste with an innovative reed bed system.

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