Flyboard Boracay Training Facility

 Come FLY! the acclaimed Zapata Flyboard
Are you ready to FLY like Iron Man, this is the hottest new experience in the Philippines, LEARN TO FLY, with our zapata officially trained and certified staff, get your I flew the Flyboard certificate after completion of flight, here’s what else is included in the package- A sea-food Lunch served at the Flight Deck, assorted cold Drinks, Boat to and from the Flight Deck all in the price. Bring your cameras, GoPro, make this a ride of a lifetime,
Now you can do this thanks to an Iron Man-style jet pack called a Flyboard made by Jetski world champion Frank Zapata, with his new invention of the Zapata Flyboard.
Designed and built by water sports enthusiast Frank Zapata, from Marseilles, France, the rider straps his or her feet into the boots on the flyboard that are attached to powerful water jets, providing lift, with hand-guided nozzles stabilizing you and your flight.

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