ADI Systems Asia Pacific

The core focus of ADI Systems Asia Pacific is industrial waste treatment, applying anaerobic technology where appropriate with energy recovery in the form of biogas.

Our wide range of anaerobic and aerobic technologies enable us to offer an overall system which will treat waste to meet the local requirements, while also reducing the energy demand of the treatment system.

Our staff are based in Australia and New Zealand and we serve the Asia Pacific area with client links in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Biogas collection, clean up and utilization form a core part of our energy reduction/recovery philosophy. Our design build capability enables us to offer complete treatment systems, as well as electrical control and automation with remote data collection and access. 
Our products/services include: Biogas, WWTP, ETP, anaerobic digestion wastewater systems: CGR; BVF; AnMBR; ECSB; UASB; CSTR; SBR; MBR.

ADI Systems Asia Pacific Products

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