Water Companies

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Softwash Cleaning

  Softwash is the premier softwash and pressure washing company in Melbourne. We clean homes, roofs, petrol stations and more. Contact us today! Servicing ... more »

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  • eco water storage
carpet cleaning

 Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services is the leading cleaning company with many years of involvement in all way of carpet cleaning administrations daylight drift. ... more »

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Carbon Filtration Solutions Pty Ltd

 Carbon Filtration Solutions Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based company that was founded to develop, manufacture, and service different activated carbon filtration ... more »

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Water Carts Direct

Carts Direct offer the best deals on quality Water Trucks for hire or purchase...   Water Carts Direct has a range of available Water Trucks for hire ... more »

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The Tank Shop

Tank Shop sells water tanks for all needs. In an ever changing climate, with today's focus on tomorrow, Tankshop has a range of quality water storage solution's, ... more »

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Clever Water

of buying plastic bottles of water that are bad for the environment? Clever Water is an Australian company that sells and leases an exclusive range of stylish and ... more »

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Rain Harvesting

galleryFirst Flush Water Diverter First Flush Water Diverters are devices designed to capture the initial water run off from roofs, which contains the majority ... more »

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the world, Solahart is known as the pioneer in solar water heating. In Australia it's a household name which generations have grown up with. As the market leader, ... more »

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Unlimited Water Coolers

Water Cooler for the office. Eliminate the waste of Bottled Spring water deliveries which carry a heavy Environmental cost, in plastic production and transport ... more »

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The Water Diverter

On the average house roof one millimetre of rain generates 250 litres of water. Without a water diverter this water runs to waste. With our new generation of smart ... more »

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Australian Eco Shop

provide you through our supply of Environment friendly products to you. All your needs such as Rainwater Tanks, Solar Hot Water systems, Bamboo flooring, Composting ... more »

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Abtech Environmental Services

has been in the water treatment business since 1974. A South Australian company, Abtech Environmental Services Pty Ltd, design, manufacture and supply water treatment ... more »

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Save Water!

There are many opportunities to reduce the water used in businesses across Australia. It may be on the production line, in the office or perhaps the kitchen and ... more »

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Wet earth irrigation

Our product range includes sprinklers, drip irrigation, irrigation controllers & valves, poly pipe, pumps, filters, water tanks (including slimline modular and ... more »

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Unlimited Water

water is the the Water Cooler without Bottles is great for the environment.It is posible to eliminate the need for delivered spring water Bottles (which require ... more »

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Asko Dishwashers

is the only remaining manufacturer of washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers in Scandinavia. Our machines use less water and energy and since 1996 we have been ... more »

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Quality Tanks QLD Pty Ltd

Queensland .Our products include Wastewater Treatment Systems, Home sewage Treatment Systems (Commercial & Domestic), Water Tanks & more.QUALITY TANKS WON'T ... more »

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Vision Water

Welcome to Vision Water. Vision Water Specilise in the creation of water storage systems contained within any building or structure.The watercell is an engineered, ... more »

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Watersave Australia

Watersave Australia specializes in innovative water saving solutions. Products include the Uridan range of water free urinals, the WaterGuard water monitoring ... more »

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Water Industry Alliance

includes international water companies, national firms and well established local companies. They offer cutting edge technology and extensive manufacturing expertise ... more »

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Rainsaver is a revolutionary idea that combines a home’s guttering with the storage capacity of a water tank. Rainwater travels into the Rainsaver guttering system ... more »

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Team Poly

" Team Poly 'Water Solutions for Life' - is one of Australia's largest manufacturers & suppliers of Polyethelene rain water tanks, for Rural and Urban ... more »

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Saka Water

Water and There's Saka Water. Saka water is a pristine premium natural alkaline mineral water. Created only by nature, it rises from a remote and protected pure, ... more »

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Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions - Innovators in remote water supply, storage, design and monitoring systems... more »

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Water Wizz

for dishwashers and washing machines, inline flow regulators for showers and basins, regulated garden tap nuts, toilet water... more »

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Tiara Showers

One of the simplest ways to make a green contribution is to reduce the energy and water load of your household... more »

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Atlantis Water Management

of urbanisation and industrialisation have put extreme pressure on natural water systems and their related ecosystems. Atlantis is dedicated to designing water ... more »

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Water Saving Technology

Providing a one stop shop for great water saving products & devices.... more »

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Water Beast Australia

Water Beast Australia is a product manufacturer/supplier of quality products based in CAULFIELD, Vic, Australia... more »

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John Pilger

Voluntary organisation monitoring water quality.... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Water Products

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Carbon Sales

Filtration Solutions do not manufacture carbon, but we do supply Activated Carbons for Air, Vapour and Water filtration in various mesh sizes and performance characteristics. ... more »

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Softwash Cleaning

 Softwash is the premier softwash and pressure washing company in Melbourne. We clean homes, roofs, petrol stations and more. Contact us today! Servicing Melbourne, ... more »

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  • Eco Water Pumps
Cleaning Services

 floor coverings, sleeping cushions and significantly more. Carpet Cleaners Adelaide are the name to believe when you are looking for capable, legit and dedicated ... more »

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ALC 50 Water Filtration

Filtration Solutions have been developing water phase canisters for 8 years. The importance of Activated Carbon for water filtration is growing as industries seek ... more »

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The Wollumbin Biosphere Reserve Project Document The Wollumbin Biosphere Reserve Project Document

of the central part. For example, the central part area may be estimate with further areas in the observation of ground water levels, water superiority and the ... more »

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  • Water Management
SLIMCOOL Refillable with tap water SLIMCOOL Refillable with tap water

SlimCool Filtered water cooler provides a constant supply of chilled and ambient, filtered water at the touch of a button. Designed specifically for the home or ... more »

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  • Filtered Water
FMAX Free Standing Plumbed Water Cooler FMAX Free Standing Plumbed Water Cooler

FMAX water cooler and water purifier plumbs straight into the water mains and provides filtered water at any temperature you want, all at the touch of a button. ... more »

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  • Office Water Coolers
T6 Benchtop Plumbed Water Cooler T6 Benchtop Plumbed Water Cooler

T6 benchtop water cooler and water purifier plumbs straight into the water mains, and provides filtered, chilled and boiling the water, all at the touch of ... more »

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Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Treatment

East Water treatment plants vary from lagoon-based treatment systems in the small hamlets of Barnawartha and Bundalong, to recent tertiary handling plants at Wangaratta, ... more »

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  • Eco Waste Treatment
H2OMYWG - Cold & Sparkling Water Cooler H2OMYWG - Cold & Sparkling Water Cooler

H2O MY WG is a small and discrete water cooler that fits neatly into a cupboard, leaving surfaces free. Providing chilled filtered still water as well as chilled sparkling ... more »

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Stramline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted Stramline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted

Solahart Streamline closed circuit system is a split system solar hot water heater with roof mounted slim-line satellite dish and a ground mounted outside storage ... more »

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Rainwater Restorers Rainwater Restorers

Gutter Guard's Rainwater Restorers have been specifically introduced for people on tank water supply. Each of the 3 models in the Restorer varieties screen water ... more »

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Inline Gas Booster Inline Gas Booster

hot water from your Sol hart tank is piped to the booster. If it senses the water is up to temperature, the water bypasses the gas booster and is delivered to the ... more »

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DC Solar Water Pumps

has a huge diversified variety of 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volt DC water pumps varying from pressure boosting pumps , macerator pumps, well/bore pumps, swimming pool pumps, ... more »

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Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences

A large scope is allowed in the choice of Plans such that students can develop a particular emphasis in land management, water management, environmental geography, ... more »

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  • eco sustainability course
Synergy 310HAV Solar Heat Pump

offers its unqiue green, energy efficient alternative to households in which traditional solar hot water heater is not viable. Instead of relying on solar panels ... more »

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Green Plumbing Services Green Plumbing Services

washing machines and ensure that the system is working correctly. These QUALITY PUMPS provide Pump covers, first flush water diverters and other accessories at ... more »

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