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Abtech Environmental Services

has been in the water treatment business since 1974. A South Australian company, Abtech Environmental Services Pty Ltd, design, manufacture and supply water treatment ... more »

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Water Industry Alliance

includes international water companies, national firms and well established local companies. They offer cutting edge technology and extensive manufacturing expertise ... more »

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Team Poly

" Team Poly 'Water Solutions for Life' - is one of Australia's largest manufacturers & suppliers of Polyethelene rain water tanks, for Rural and Urban ... more »

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Philmac is a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialist pipe fittings and valves, providing cost-effective solutions for the transfer, control and ... more »

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Hydrosmart International

Hyrdrosmart is a new and innovative technology that provides affordable, chemical free solutions to the problems caused by minerals and chemicals in our water s... more »

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Water Quality Research Aus

Quality Research Australia Limited (WQRA) is a not-for-profit eco company, established and funded by its members, to combine eco research of national application ... more »

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Baleen Filters

the filter mechanism that enables the whale to collect plankton, small fish and other marine organisms from the water during feeding.The combination of a sweeping ... more »

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At CoolMax, we specialise in all things/technologies environmentally friendly and sustainable. We offer Solar water systems, rainwater tanks and eco air conditi... more »

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Ri Industries

South Australia's leading manufacturer of pre-cast septic tanks, rainwater tanks and Ri-Treat waste water treatment.... more »

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Solaris Technology

Leaders in solar grid connect, hot water and stand-alone power systems.... more »

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Annas Vineyard

the pioneers of sustainable viticulture. Our wine is grown without syntetic pesticide or fertiliser, using only rain water. At Anna's vineyard we aim for quality ... more »

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The International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM) provides a national focus and international gateway to Australia's education, training ... more »

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Enviro Plus Plumbing

plus plumbing - More than just plumbing. From high efficient evacuated tube solar hot water units to complete bathroom renovations & everything in between Your ... more »

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Green Streets - Sustainable Urban Environments

At Green Streets - Sustainable Urban Environments, we sell Solar Hot Water, Rain Water Tanks, Rain Harvesting & Reticulation, Grey Water, Electric Bikes, Bio ... more »

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Desert Ecosystems

Desert vision is to provide alternative solutions using the most environmentally friendly products that will reduce water usage and environmental impact.   ... more »

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Adelaide Ground Water & Enviro Supplies

Ground Water & Enviro Supplies is an eco company which specialises in providing professional service, equipment and green education when it comes to ground ... more »

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Pacific Character Products

Character Products supply Activated Carbon products and equipment to industries needing to generate clean water or perform air filtration.Activated Carbon types ... more »

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Prenco Environmental Spill Control


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Bio Cycle Waste Water Treatment System

is Australia's number one name in aerobic waste water treatment systems - and we've gained that reputation through the quality and reliability of our products, ... more »

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Australian Water Environments

Water Environments (AWE) is an Adelaide based consulting firm which provides specialist water resources and natural resource management expertise to a range of ... more »

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Australian Cleantech Consulting

covers technologies and services that come under the categories of: - Renewable energy - Low emissions technologies - Water and wastewater reuse and treatment technologies ... more »

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Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board

Resources Management Board has teamed  up a range of previous organisations and their staff, including Catchment Water Management, Soil Conservation and Animal ... more »

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Eastern Hills & Murray Plains Catchment Group

Hills & Murray Plains Catchment Group researches water saving technologies for the common commercial water wasting fixture. Water is our main priority here ... more »

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AVK Environmental Management

leading group of international valve producers that supply customers in the industries of gas, firefighting, sewage and water in the most environmentally friendly ... more »

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MAS Distribution

and logistical problem.The WC16 reduces the normal cost and associated problems of disposal. In operation, a low water usage toilet is used, and after flushing, ... more »

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Australian Water Quality Centre

The Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) is a Business Unit of the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water)Established as a small analytical laboratory for ... more »

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InnovEco Australia

New innovative portable equipment for metal spraying.It allows the deposition of soft metals - aluminium, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, led, babbit and titanium to ... more »

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Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions® provides renewable energy & green solutions for the Australian household. We specialise in Solar Hot Water, Grid Connect Solar Power & Domestic ... more »

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Tradelink Environmental Solutions - SA

Tradelink Environmental Solutions SA has hundreds of branches throughout Australia and over 150 years experience in the plumbing industry, Tradelink has the 'know-how', ... more »

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View galleryDevoted to promoting health, wellness, preventative medicine and environmental responsibility to the public and healthcare professional. www.drstephenhardy.com ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Water Products

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Water Machine Water Machine

an obligation is sensed and rainwater is available in the storage space tank then it will automatically switches the water resource from the domestic mains to rainwater. ... more »

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Submersible Aeration Modules Submersible Aeration Modules

Australia's submersible aeration module is appropriate for aeration of biological ponds and natural water bodies, as well as for renovation of aeration systems ... more »

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Eco Water Treatment and more Eco Water Treatment and more

systems. This is for both domestic wastewater treatment and commercial wastewater treatment. We also feature a number of water treatment options for you too. We ... more »

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Technical Attributes Technical Attributes

exclusive of comprehensive filtrate component.7) Peak efficacy requirements for the filter which are: - mains / recycled water up-to less than 5% (depending on ... more »

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Watering Systems for Agriculture and Gardening Watering Systems for Agriculture and Gardening

we specialise in irrigation sprinklers and systems. We are also the place to shop for basic garden hoses, connections and water diverters.  We are proud to ... more »

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How much water you can save with a Rainwater Tank How much water you can save with a Rainwater Tank

litres per year of precious rainwater that run down the drain. Here with our rainwater storage, you can simply save the water for other purposes - from watering ... more »

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Baleen Filter (Competitive Advantages) Baleen Filter (Competitive Advantages)

treatment - seperates visible solids 2. Secondary treatment - remove fine particles 3. Tertiary treatment - to produce water acceptable for a specific... more »

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  • Wastewater Treatment
What is a Solar Hot Water System What is a Solar Hot Water System

of the questions we get asked a lot here at Beyond Energy is What is a Solar Hot Water System? To put it simply, Solar hot water systems take advantage solar energy ... more »

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Eco Job Search

paid employment opportunities relating to the environment. You will also be able to find environmental jobs in the water and natural resource management fields ... more »

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Education Education

Australia ICE WaRM is the point of entry for inclusive, internationally-approved water management programmes. Providing access to the largest choices between Australia's ... more »

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Avk Fire Hydrant Pn 16 Avk Fire Hydrant Pn 16

Australia's AVK FIRE for water and neutral liquid applications is the controlling device, which is designed for use up to 70 degreesC where valid for AS 4020. ... more »

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Training Training

Warm operates as a facilitator for joint approaches to water resources management locally, nationally and internationally. ICE Warm is extremely observable gateway ... more »

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Guard Guard

is a system of gutter safety that stops almost everything but water from entering gutters. Leaves and other debris can quickly build up, clogging your gutter and ... more »

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Services Services

Environmental Services: - It offers various industrial water treatment services from complete water plans to custom designed systems. All of the service which is ... more »

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Composting Toilet Systems Composting Toilet Systems

Nature Loo, Classic 1000 The Classic 1000 is the deluxe version of the Classic variety. The base is ceramic and a warm white colour. It is supplied with a honey ... more »

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Le0511 Firtree Le0511 Firtree

Lorient Australia's kerf (groove) applied medium temperature smoke, sound and privacy seal.Incorporated into door assemblies for its medium temperature smoke, sound ... more »

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Soil Moisture Tension Sensors Soil Moisture Tension Sensors

GBHeavy and Watermark (GBLite) Sensors: - The Measurement Engineering Australia has 2176 GBHeavy and MEA2195 Watermark both is soil moisture tension sensors. ... more »

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