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Water Truck

... more »

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Water Carts Direct

Carts Direct offer the best deals on quality Water Trucks for hire or purchase...   Water Carts Direct has a range of available Water Trucks for hire ... more »

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the world, Solahart is known as the pioneer in solar water heating. In Australia it's a household name which generations have grown up with. As the market leader, ... more »

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Unlimited Water Coolers

Water Cooler for the office. Eliminate the waste of Bottled Spring water deliveries which carry a heavy Environmental cost, in plastic production and transport ... more »

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Australian Eco Shop

provide you through our supply of Environment friendly products to you. All your needs such as Rainwater Tanks, Solar Hot Water systems, Bamboo flooring, Composting ... more »

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Vision Water

Welcome to Vision Water. Vision Water Specilise in the creation of water storage systems contained within any building or structure.The watercell is an engineered, ... more »

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Watersave Australia

Watersave Australia specializes in innovative water saving solutions. Products include the Uridan range of water free urinals, the WaterGuard water monitoring ... more »

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Rainsaver is a revolutionary idea that combines a home’s guttering with the storage capacity of a water tank. Rainwater travels into the Rainsaver guttering system ... more »

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Solar Pumping Solutions

Solar Pumping Solutions - Innovators in remote water supply, storage, design and monitoring systems... more »

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Atlantis Water Management

of urbanisation and industrialisation have put extreme pressure on natural water systems and their related ecosystems. Atlantis is dedicated to designing water ... more »

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Storm Consulting

Urban sustainable water management consultants.... more »

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Water Tube

plants. Our product is a unique Australian designed and manufactured self-watering tree guard, created to protect and water our precious trees and plants. Click ... more »

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CMS Plumbing & Irrigation

system maintenance services • irrigation system installation services • irrigation system services and grey water systems.  CMS Plumbing & Irrigation ... more »

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Central Tablelands Water

Tablelands Water is the trading name adopted by Central Tablelands County Council, a water supply authority constituted under NSW Local Government legislation. ... more »

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Wallingford Software

Wallingford Software develops world-leading water management software for water supply and distribution, wastewater and stormwater, river and coastal systems and ... more »

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Wobble-Tee Water Efficient Sprinklers

Wobble-Tee make Water saving sprinklers systems that can cover a big area with little water pressure. The Wobble-Tee sprinkler is water efficient because of the ... more »

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One Water Naturally

Rainwater tanks and solar hot water manufacturer and distributor.... more »

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City Rainwater Tanks

City Rainwater Tanks, we are a green company striving to provide you with the highest quality rain water tanks at competitive prices. Unlike other businesses, we ... more »

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National Water Recycling & Reuse Technology

Innovation and designs created for the purpose of water saving. You will definitely be surprised by not only the amount of water saved, but the money as well!... more »

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Convergent Water Controls

Convergent Water Controls Pty Ltd (CWC), we are a leading green supplier of conductivity, pH, ORP & free chlorine controllers and integrated dosing systems. ... more »

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  • eco waste treatment
Ozwater Convention and Exhibition

8-10 May, 2012, the Ozwater Convention and Exhibition will host an exhibition and aims to promote sustainable water management through professional and ... more »

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Totally Green Plumbing Services

One local business has achieved a milestone, saving our community 1 million litres of water for the people on the central coast. It is believed that no other business ... more »

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Wallingford Software develops leading water resource management software for the worldwide water industry. Recognised for its technical superiority and unrivalled ... more »

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with particular emphasis on solutions for sites where access is difficult and space is limited but large amounts of water are required. Waterplex manufactures both ... more »

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ClearFresh Water

Water is an independent, privately owned Australian green company.  Now in our 9th year, we’ve proudly built a solid and unique reputation as one of ... more »

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AJM Environmental Services

Services Pty Ltd, we are experts in eco design, manufacture and construction of Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Potable Water Treatment and Sludge Dewatering plants.  ... more »

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  • waste water recycling
Nubian Water Systems

and bring to the market environmental products that address the maintenance of adequate supplies of clean drinking water. Nubian provides sustainable water solutions ... more »

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Jem Australia

Australia is a water engineering group which develops and produces products that conserve both energy and costs. Jem Australia also helps to save water usage, typically ... more »

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Water Research Laboratory

Water Research Laboratory (WRL) is a leading international research and consulting laboratory. WRL is located at Manly Vale in Sydney's northern suburbs on 4 ha ... more »

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Our innovative designs are capable of treating a wide range of water flowes including stormwater channels.Traps are designed to ensure cost effective cleaning and ... more »

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Sustain Show Green Expo

Water Products

113 listed

Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Treatment

East Water treatment plants vary from lagoon-based treatment systems in the small hamlets of Barnawartha and Bundalong, to recent tertiary handling plants at Wangaratta, ... more »

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  • Eco Waste Treatment
Stramline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted Stramline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted

Solahart Streamline closed circuit system is a split system solar hot water heater with roof mounted slim-line satellite dish and a ground mounted outside storage ... more »

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  • Roofing
Inline Gas Booster Inline Gas Booster

hot water from your Sol hart tank is piped to the booster. If it senses the water is up to temperature, the water bypasses the gas booster and is delivered to the ... more »

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Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences

A large scope is allowed in the choice of Plans such that students can develop a particular emphasis in land management, water management, environmental geography, ... more »

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  • eco sustainability course
Synergy 310HAV Solar Heat Pump

offers its unqiue green, energy efficient alternative to households in which traditional solar hot water heater is not viable. Instead of relying on solar panels ... more »

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  • Solar
Green Plumbing Services Green Plumbing Services

washing machines and ensure that the system is working correctly. These QUALITY PUMPS provide Pump covers, first flush water diverters and other accessories at ... more »

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  • Plumber
L Series L Series

in its simplicity. The black polyester powder coated aluminum absorber collects the sun's heat and transfers it to the water in the 6 risers. The Solahart L Series ... more »

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  • Eco Water Tanks
Environmentally Sustainable Water Systems Environmentally Sustainable Water Systems

the latest greywater and sewer treatment systems for both commercial and residential applications. We also feature eco water filtration systems, designed for both ... more »

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  • Eco Water Filtration –
  • Environmentally Friendly Plumbers
Highline Tank Highline Tank

of solar pumpimg systems and associated products and offers a various range of commercial and domestic prefabricated water tanks from highline Ltd. We are a 30 ... more »

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  • Eco Water Tanks –
  • Green Storage
Ecosmart Water Guardian Ecosmart Water Guardian

is the world's driest populated continent. We are in the middle of a massive water crisis. The United Nations is so worried about water that it has named 2005-2015, ... more »

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Clearfresh Water Clearfresh Water

Water is an expert business to business filtered water service supplier. Our focal point lies purely in bottle free water systems which assure businesses save time ... more »

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  • eco water bottles
Atlantisr Filtration Unit Atlantisr Filtration Unit

Filtration UnitTreating storm water at source is regarded the most efficient method of reducing waterway pollution. The Atlantis Storm water Filtration Unit is ... more »

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Solar Hot Water Solar Hot Water

a lot of domestic purpose, approximately 35% of energy on every year using for hot water. This system can decrease your yearly hot water expenses by approximately ... more »

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  • Solar Energy
Thermosiphon Thermosiphon

which the tank is roof-mounted, uses the Thermosiphon principle to gather heat from the sun and transmit it to your hot water. The Thermosiphon principle is based ... more »

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  • Solar Hot Water
Water Treatment And Distribution

unrefined water supply generally contains suspended matter, colors, turbidity and possibly iron and manganese. The turbidity is due to finely divided matter held ... more »

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  • Eco Filtration
Reduce Mains Water Usage By Up To 40% Reduce Mains Water Usage By Up To 40%

rainy night. You survive in a 300sqm residence. 5mm of rain falls, and from that rainfall you accumulate 1500 liters of water in your Rain saver storage space Gutters. ... more »

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  • Rain Water
Ecobug Water Saving Urinal Cubes

water saving urinal cube is a bacteria based urinal block designed to break down the eco waste in urine and prevent bad odours at the source. Ecobug water ... more »

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