The Waterplex Group specialises in providing innovative solutions for harvesting and storing rainwater without taking up your valuable space. All our innovative products are of superior quality with particular emphasis on solutions for sites where access is difficult and space is limited but large amounts of water are required.

Waterplex manufactures both off-the-shelf and custom-made solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We have a simple philosophy of “excellence in everything we do“ and so we pride ourselves on delivering:

  • unparalleled customer service
  • extensive knowledge and expertise
  • gratuitous advice to consumers, plumbers, architects and engineers to assist in determining the best solution
  • prompt and on-time delivery
  • superior products and solutions

One particular area of our expertise is the ability for all our products to be shipped at a fraction of their final size. That means that we can easily ship storage capacity for many hundreds of thousands of litres, anywhere in the country.

Waterplex Products

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