Water Carts Direct

Water Carts Direct offer the best deals on quality Water Trucks for hire or purchase...  
Water Carts Direct has a range of available Water Trucks for hire and Water Trucks for sale. We offer our quality trucks for hire with a driver or dry hire, without a driver. All our trucks come with automatic transmission for ease of use and can be delivered and picked up from any location.


Our water trucks, also refered to as water carts, can be used for a range of activities and as they vary in size we can usually accommodate most requests including:


• Dust control on construction sites; our water trucks have side & front sprayers to cover a large area.

• Watering of plants & grass along roadsides or in parks & newly planted areas.

• On film & photo shoots where rain effect or wet areas are required.

• Corporate Events & Festivals; to fill water barricades or provide water for catering & cleaning.
• Large pool fills for public or private use.

Virtually any situation and location that requires water but does not have access to a water source, our water trucks can be utilised, long or short term. Water is precious and we should save water and the environment.


Water Carts Direct not only provide quality water trucks for hire but build robust, simply designed, lower priced water trucks for sale, compared to the competition. Hire a water truck with a qualified driver or dry hire a watertruck without a driver Australia wide. Water Carts Direct, the leader in water truck hire and sale.

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