Baleen Filters

A new dimension in separation technology, a self-cleaning filter, originally patented by the University of South Australia and critically tested by industry. It is now being sold under the ‘Baleen’ Trademark.

The word ‘Baleen’ is an anatomical description for the whalebone that belongs to a group of filter-feeding whales.

The baleen is essentially the filter mechanism that enables the whale to collect plankton, small fish and other marine organisms from the water during feeding.

The combination of a sweeping action of the tongue and the reversing of the water flows as the whales dive and re-surface during feeding, enable them to capture and strain food, then clean their baleen prior to the next dive.

The Baleen Filter technology is an adaptation of this natural technique used by whales to keep their baleen clean and free from long-term deposits.

Baleen Filters Products

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