HeroWash – laundry detergent that is kind to the environment without compromising performance HeroWash – laundry detergent that is kind to the environment and your garden without compromising performance. HeroWash is an excellent quality Australian made and owned laundry detergent that represents spectacular value for money. HeroWash is available to purchase online and operates on an economical refill system. Importantly, HeroWash is kind to the environment. HeroWash contain only marginal traces of phosphate, and is also very low in sodium. HeroWash is fully biodegradable and pH balanced, making it suitable for recycling water as well as septic systems and biosystems. HeroWash is a superconcentrate - so you get more out of every bottle. In fact, each bottle and refill sachet of HeroWash is the equivalent of up to 4 bottles of ordinary detergent. HeroWash has eliminated the use of fillers and extenders commonly used in laundry detergents to add 'bulk' to formulas. HeroWash is 100% active. HeroWash can cost as little as 24c per wash – as little as half the cost of supermarket brands. See our website for an independent cost comparison. Each HeroWash bottle and refill does 40 washes. Pricelist HeroWash bottle - $14 HeroWash Starter pack (bottle plus one refill) - $23 HeroWash Hero Refill pack (2 refill sachets) - $19 HeroWash SuperHero Refill pack (5 refill sachets) - $43 *5 flat postage to anywhere in Australia*

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