Agflow Water Systems

At Agflow we specialise in providing end to end solutions for any water requirements.

We will come out onsite to discuss your requirements with you and will give you with the best possible, cost effective solution.

Are you currently in the market of purchasing a pump? If so you will need expert advise to ensure you get the right one. Pump selection is complex and there are many factors that need to be carefully considered prior to purchase, otherwise it can end up being a very expensive exercise.

Do your have water you can't use due to quality issues? Do you have bacteria in your water? Too high a levels of Manganese, Potassium or other minerals? We can custom build Water Treatment systems to meet any requirements.

Do you want to collect rainwater and store it in a tank for later use on your garden, toilet flushing and more... This is a big part of our business and helps us to help you.

With planned service and maintenance we are able to keep valuable equipment working to its full potential. Many of our clients are setup on Service and Maintenance plans.

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