East Coast Environmental Solutions

East Coast Environmental Solutions has been helping people get stuck into MUD since 2001. 

Modular Underground Drainage is used to create Water Voids that capture, filter and recharge the earth's natural water cycle.

The most obvious way is to capture rain water close to its source, harvest and re use it wisely, and try to infiltrate as much as possible back into the earth

Here at  East Coast Environmental Solutions we are proud to have provided technical and practical assistance to many projects, designed to promote WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design).

From small infiltration systems (soak ways) where shire regulations are now promoting WSUD, to major installations using harvesting systems for the irrigation of sports fields, streetscapes and utilities.

The Australian Government, provides grant funding for Stormwater Harvesting Projects, in recognition of the need to change the current total loss of stormwater practices which are simply unsustainable on the driest continent on earth.



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