Fill2Pure is an advanced filter technology featuring filters made from 100% natural, non-toxic materials.

Fill2Pure specialise in portable water filters, i.e. water filter bottles and jugs that can filter out up to 99.999% of contaminants and toxins, outperforming the household names in water filtration.

The advanced filters are able to filter out virus, bacteria, chemicals, dissolved metal solids such as lead and copper, pesticides and much more. The filters can also filter out up to 90% fluoride.

The filters are long-lasting, and do not expire by date as most competing brands. One filter bottle can filter up to 400 litres, saving the environment of up to 800 .5 litre plastic bottles.

The advanced water filter bottles can transform any fresh water source into clean, safe and healthy drinking water, and are therefore an ideal companion when hiking or traveling overseas where the water quality may be questionable.

Fill2Pure also stocks an alkaline water filter jug, which in addition to filtering out all of the above, will raise the pH levels up to a stable 9.0 by adding healthy minerals.

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