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Whether your looking for Structured water products, energized water or Magnetic water products. We have alternative water devices that turn your water to something similar to spring water.

5 Reasons that speak for themselves :

- Improving the taste
- Enhance physical well-being
- Strengthen the immune system
- Dissolves stubborn limescale
- Saving of detergents and cleaning products

The Vital Water unit - use areas :
* Hydronic heating
* Single - water intakes
* Hot water services including electrirc and gas
* Dishwashers and washing machines
* Biotopes with water circulation system
* Aquariums
* Fruit juice

For pipe diameters : 1/4 - 3/4 inch

It is mounted on a free piece of pipe directly to the supply line. Depending on the pipe diameter, the mounting plate is curved inwards or outwards used and screwed .

After a few days you will enjoy all the benefits of energy revitalized water in your operation .

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