MAS Distribution

MAS Distribution has been appointed the Australasian distributor for the WC16, which is a diesel fired sewage (Blackwater) incinerator that has been developed for use where disposal of human waste is an environmental and logistical problem.

The WC16 reduces the normal cost and associated problems of disposal. In operation, a low water usage toilet is used, and after flushing, waste flows to a macerator pump, where it macerates the waste product and conveys it to a holding tank.

A level sensor signals to the electronics within the WC16 to start the incinerating process and a pump discharges 2 litres of waste into the already preheated incineration chamber.  The combustion process continues with temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees and all waste is incinerated, leaving the chamber empty and sterile.

A three minute purge cycle begins at the end of this cycle, if the level sensor in the holding tank signals that waste is still present in the tank, then the process cycle continues until all waste is incinerated.

The WC16 is a 24 volt DC product which can be powered by battery supply, supplemented by solar or wind energy.

All control processes can be monitored by telemetry and signalled to a computer for complete remote system control.

The WC16 has the capacity of incinerating 18 litres of waste per hour for 2 litres of diesel, making it extremely economical and versatile for remote and portable applications.

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