A House Is Not A Machine

Ecopolis Architect Nature abhors straight lines, goes the old saying, now might be she does things in fractal instead . Nothing is ever the same twice. Symmetry abounds in nature, but even in symmetry things are not the same. See at the symmetry of a face, or a leaf. Both sides are same, but dissimilar, both sides are developed according the same pattern, developes with individual relationship.

Ecopolis Architect finds that if this natural order reflects by the architecture then it will begin to have the similar type of depth of difference that in nature. If simple rules and patterns should be followed with individuality the result will be `organic' and possibly to be aesthetically satisfying than ideal machine repetition. These craft pieces exhibit this characteristic in various ways and complementary request to our senses since humans became makers of artifice. Hand-crafted items are not the same in the way that machine produced objects are.


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