Animal Breed Ownership Concentration

Animal Breed Ownership Concentration

Consumers are more often not told which breeds of chicken, cattle or swine have produced the eggs, milk and meat existed in the supermarkets or the butchery shops. They should have showed interest, while they are contributing to the development and growth of a global genetic monoculture.

Seed Savers Network provides local pig ownership in the southern highlands of Papua New Guinea. Seed Savers Network thinks that Women look after their pigs lovingly Fowl Play

The number of companies providing poultry genetics at a global scale was abridged from ten to two in layers and from eleven to four in broilers [meat chickens] in Between 1989 and 2006. In turkey breeding, only three companies supply the world markets.

All over the world Entrepreneurs want to produce eggs or poultry meat on a commercial scale buy genetic material, that is parent chicken for day-old chicks and hatching eggs, from this handful of globally operating producers.

The Dutch companies Hendrix [which does business in 100 countries] supply the genetics for the layer hens of 80% of the world’s commercially produced brown eggs. Layer hens originating from a German company, PHW, produce almost 70% of white eggs.

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