Building The Better Home

Building The Better Home

The ECO-Block ICF system merges the marvelous strength of steel-reinforced concrete with the filling properties of expanded polystyrene to create one of the most radical building systems in home construction today. And Eco-Block Australia buildings are built to last, both the energy savings and structural potency continue all the way through the life of the building.

There is no boundary to what can be constructing with the ECO-Block system: -

a) Standard single-story

b) Two-story

c) Multi-story

d) Curved walls

e) Any conventional interior or exterior finish can be used with Eco-Block Australia.

Eco-Block buildings helps you save up-to fifty percents on heating and cooling bills over houses of same size built with standard materials by providing energy efficiency.

ECO-Block Concrete Form Setting also lessen the pressure on valuable natural resources because they replace lumber used in frame construction and very much reduce the amount of fuel required for heating and cooling. In adding, an environmentally clean process creates the form itself. No CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) are used in manufacturing the form. In addition, a big percentage of the high-plastic webs and connectors are made from recycled material.

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