Bush It

Bush It

We at Bush It offer a complete variety of services or facilities and delighted to provide to our clients a high level of professionalism and expertise, together with a pioneering and inspired approach. This allows us to continually settle in to changing situations and build upon our experience, knowledge and skills.

Bush It has the expertise in the security and regeneration of natural areas and consider that the most flexible, varied and sustainable ecosystems are prepared by letting and promoting the bushland to redevelop naturally. In order to examine the efficiency of our work, we put into practice site assessment and observing procedures that demonstrate genuine results for each site.

Some of the services we provide are as follows: -

i. It provides Consulting

ii. It provides Weed surveying and mapping

iii. It provides Sedimentation and erosion control

iv. It provides Working with endangered and threatened species

v. It provides Working in endangered ecosystems

vi. It provides Revegetation with local provenance plants

vii. It provides Restoration and construction works including slope stabilization, track work and small scale rip rap

viii. It provides Storm water management

ix. It provides Vegetation Management Plans

x. It provides Creek and drainage line reconstruction and rehabilitation

xi. It provides Bush regeneration, weed management and eradication

xii. It provides Wetland construction and rehabilitation

xiii. It provides Degraded landscape rehabilitation

xiv. It provides Site assessment and monitoring programs

xv. It provides Environmental education, involving volunteers, communities and schools

xvi. It provides Seed collection and brush matting with local provenance species

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