Cardiffair Domestic Fan Systems

Nature offers us with our own cooling system - perspiration, shade and a breeze - to give summer comfort with a fresh cooling air.

Natural Home Cooling utilises the outdoor fresh air, making a fresh breeze through open windows and doors so, because it is a whole house fan, wherever there's a window open the fresh breeze comes in. A Cardiffair natural cooling ceiling fan system has all that is required in sensibly moderate Summer temperatures.

On those terribly hot days, experienced just a few times during the day for only a few days during Summer, an appropriate air conditioner in an area which can be suffer from those heat wave conditions, would provide release from those tremendous temperatures. On the other days Cardiffair natural home cooling is the strong substitute to air conditioning.

The temperature inside your home will always more than outside and this will be most noticeable when coming home after being at work or out all day when the house has been closed up. Opening up several windows or doors and using the Cardiff Air Control System's CARDIFFAIR DOMESTIC FAN to flush out the build up of hot air inside, will immediately give you a much more relaxed place to be. On those extreme days, Cardiff Air Control System's CARDIFFAIR DOMESTIC FAN will permit an air conditioner to more rapidly cool down the air, in place of slow process of trying to cool 45 deg.-plus hot air, saving money in electricity and giving you soothe.

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