Carrie Cool Clutch (Red) Cooler Bag

Carrie Cool Clutch (Red) Cooler Bag

This red cooler bag is designed to honour the bold and determined ladies. Red is considered as the colour of fire as well as blood, associating it with energy, power, danger along with desire love and passion. We can say that this colour is emotionally intense. It has been said to enhance metabolism, increased respiration rate and blood pressure. Power to all those strong women out there!

This cool clutch has a spacious outer pocket which can be used to carry a small bag, your house or car keys, phone or a lipstick. We promise you that our cool clutch keeps all your items cool with a hot stylish look. This bag has multiple uses such as keeping lunch, work documentations and electronic tablets, can carry upto 2 bottles of wine, keep your makeup from melting, can also hold a little pop in umbrella and medication with class. The Cool Clutch Cooler Bag comes in various colours to suit your style and personality.


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