Chemical-Free, Low Maintenance Spa Purifier

Chemical-Free, Low Maintenance Spa Purifier

EcoInfusion is a natural spa water purifier. One bottle will remain your spa water clean and well for 3 months. No more constant pH tests and chemical changes as Spa Tonic automatically balance your water levels.

It's the simplest system on the market. All you have to do is clean your filter regularly. EcoInfusion has been specially designed to seek out and wipe out pollutants and viruses in spa water within 30 seconds upon contact. Yet it is 100% safe to animals, plants and people.

Spa Tonic does not cause red eyes, dry skin or irritating rashes, so is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It also won't fade your bathing suit or dyed hair and your jewellery will be safe from discoloration. furthermore, there is no pungent chemical smell.

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