Climatesmart Travel

Climatesmart Travel

EcoLibrium about involves energy. Whether its your own efforts to walk or ride a bike, putting petrol or diesel into your car, or taking a plane to the other side of the world, but it also make impact on environment at some level.

EcoLibrium have turn out to be dependent on a car, but driving less doesn't mean you have to stay at home. Can you walk or cycle in place of driving to the gym, pool or park? Can you travel to weekend sport by carpooling or using public transport? Can you commute by public transport or carpooling?

Simple ways to make a difference:

Leave the car at home, mainly for short trips utilize public transport, a motor scooter, bicycle or walk

Put more walking or cycling into your lifestyle - feel about physical activity when you plan days out

Plan your trips - waste a smaller amount time in transportation, avoid peak hours and plan your route

Spend less time traveling - check transport notices and media for closure, traffic or vary of access notices

Plan and choose locations - choose suitable venues with simple access, within walking or cycling distances or close to public transport services


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