Corrosion Consulting

Corrosion Consulting

Hunter Water Australia has built up important proficiency in the last thirty years in supplying corrosion and materials consultancy to the water industry.

Our ability comprises an inclusive variety of electrochemical test equipment to bring out speed up testing of materials in a range of aqueous environments, as well as the interpretive expertise essential to give practical results to the client.

We provide a verity of expert services to the client in the field to provide professional advice on decay problems and the most cost efficient solutions to these problems. Our client list contains Councils, major urban water authorities and a series of private customers ranging from aluminium smelters to shipbuilding companies.

Hunter Water Australia to offer lasting solutions to almost all materials based matters however complex. To complement our in-house ability in multi-disciplinary areas we also have access to expert services such as condition assessment and non-destructive testing.

Areas of Expertise: 

- Failure analysis
- Condition assessment of pipelines
- Full range of corrosion testing
- Materials selection
- Cathodic protection of pipes, tanks and reservoirs
- Corrosion studies of copper and copper alloys in waters
- Expert witness and other legal representation
- Corrosion management planning
- Full water analysis capability
- Engineering survey and GPS technologies
- Corrosion analysis and materials evaluation in all aqueous environments
- Project management
- Reservoir coating and cathodic safety management
- Building services corrosion consultancy
- Mining industry corrosion consulting
- Water and wastewater treatment
- Structural design, investigation and project management services or facilities


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