Drinking and Bottled Water

Watertec Engineering is a technology-orientated organisation occupied in most features of civic, trade and leisure water conduct.

Initially established in 1983 in Brisbane Australia, the company has seen many exhilarating modification, and sustained enlargement and development has at the present prepared it essential for plants in Australia and Malaysia.

The Directors of the company have a mutual sum of more than 40 years knowledge in the water industry, and our status for awareness is extremely fine considered in this field.

Watertec Engineering trusts the world is a very easily broken environment, and a better stress has to be located on water and power in the future. The obligation for pure water in the world is rising incessantly and we are looking at providing answers to formulate water cleaner, at the uppermost excellence and also the most cost effective method.

Watertec Engineering can help in the plan, production and use of ozone and UV healing arrangement and these comprise aquariums, industrial, municipal, potable water, sewage, cooling water, commercial recreational and wastewater treatment systems.

Watertec Engineering improves the Ozgen variety of ozonators, which slot in the on the whole modern designs for well-organized ozone age group, building materials and electronic joysticks.

Huge worry is in use to create ozone age group cells, that are both efficient and dependable. Effortlessness and inexpensive of maintenance are the important decisive factor for our tools design.

Exclusive stress is placed on rising and relating "State".

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